Comparing Apache Druid and Imply

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Feature Comparison

Imply Druid distribution
Imply’s distribution of Druid (as a download or in Imply Cloud) is always the most advanced in the industry.
Multi-column star schema Joins
AWS Cloudwatch logs parser
GeoIP location lookups
HTTP user agent string extraction
Currency conversion aggregator
Analytics visualization
Imply Pivot provides a purpose-built interactive analytics interface that is powerful, fast and intuitive that tightly integrates with Druid.
One-click explanations of trends and anomalies
High performance analytics interface natively integrates with Druid
Drag-and-drop ad-hoc data exploration
Sub-second query response at high concurrecny (interface purpose built for Druid)
Threshold-based alerting on one or more set of metrics
Row & column level security
Notifications with email, webhook integration
Sharable dashboards, reports and data cubes
Scheduled reporting
Cloud and cluster management
Imply Cloud gives you a managed VPC offering and a path to
Kubernetes-based deployment on any cloud, public or private
One-click cluster scaling
Zero-downtime rolling upgrades
High Availability (HA) automatic fail-over support
Secured management of your Imply cluster within your VPC
Visual manager for non-cloud data center deployments
Fully-tuned and tested configurations for optimal cost-performance
SaaS capabilities (coming)
Low operational TCO for multiple clusters
Druid performance and health monitoring service
Imply provides built-in visual monitoring of query and cluster
Built-in performance monitoring of well over 100 health metrics
Integrated dashboards to easily understood usage of your Imply solution
Tools to help understand performance bottlenecks and plan for capacity
Built-in alerting based on cluster health status
Enterprise security
Imply is built for the enterprise and used by leaders in highly-regulated industries.
SOC2 compliance
Overnight security patches for high-level CVEs
E2E data encryption across Imply Druid, Pivot and API clients
Row and column level access control
Integrate with LDAP, Kerberos, Okta, OIDC, OAuth and more
Audit log support
Leading expertise
Imply’s founders created Apache Druid, and Imply comprises
unmatched Druid expertise.
SLA-bound technical support
Support from the leading committers to Apache Druid
Professional services for tailored solutions

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